Definition of ZIGF

The ZIGF is a multi-stakeholder forum for public policy dialogue on issues of Internet Governance in Zimbabwe. It brings together all stakeholders in the Internet governance debate, those representing the government, the private sector, the civil society, the technical community, and the academic community, on an equal basis and through an open and inclusive process. It is mandated to be a discussion forum for facilitating dialogue between the Forum's participants. The ZIGF may identify existing and emerging internet-related public policy issues, bring them to the attention of the relevant authorities and the general public, and, where appropriate, make recommendations to the relevant authorities.  The ZIGF does not have any direct decision-making authority.
The ZIGF is part of the hierarchy of Internet Governance Forums (IGF) where at an International level there is the global IGF that was established by the United Nations in July 2006. At a continental level there is the African Internet Governance Forum (AfIGF), and at a regional level the ZIGF falls under the Southern Africa Internet Governance Forum (SAIGF). The relationship between the ZIGF and other international, continental and regional bodies is as shown below: